We offer the best in GPS Tracking

Know where your teams are geographically and how your assets are performing in the field .... Here's some of the features that dramatically improve our client's daily operations.
  • Access your Dispatch Smart Docs from anywhere at any time. With FleeWaze your Shipping Papers are stored in the cloud and accessible on your drivers or technicians mobile devices.
  • Our eLogs & eDVIR are compliant with the new Federal Mandates and they're easy to use, get started today.
  • Monitor your Driver Behavior including Speed, Location, Fast Starts and Hard Stops. Helping you to improve efficiency and driver performance.
  • Time Keep Hours, Projects, Tasks, however you manage your team's time, we can track it for you automatically.
  • Geo-Fencing helps you know when your drivers or technicians arrive or leave a job site and track how long they were there. Fast, easy to use and accurate within a couple of feet.
  • Real-Time Alerts check calls and alleviates confusion. Alerts are sent automatically to you, your teams and/or your customers with the information you want and need to communicate when it happens, as it happens.

GPS Truck Tracking

Real-Time tracking of your Assets updated every few seconds ...

Never be more than a few seconds away from your drivers and your orders dispatch orders today and into the future in seconds. Simply Drag & Drop Work Orders and Tasks to communicate instantly with your drivers. See all your drivers at one time or segment based on business need.

Know where your teams are geographically and how your assets are performing in the field. Track Progress and make any necessary adjustments that then get communicated instantly to your Drivers. We give you real-Time tracking of Assets, driver, and Loads that are updated every 15-30 seconds.


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