We offer the best in Drag-N-Drop Dispatch

Our Drag-N-Drop Dispatch simply makes sense .... Here's some of the features that dramatically improve our client's daily operations.
  • With our system, your Dispatchers can easily create and modify customer/load specific templates.
  • Your dispatchers can add custom fields and stay constantly connected to your drivers. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today.
  • Our system enables your dispatchers to be more productive, keeping drivers on the road and creating profit and growth for your company.

Drag-N-Drop Dispatch

Save time and increase profit with ease ...

Your dispatchers are the difference between Profit and Loss. So, the Platform they work with needs to present information in a Clear, Concise and Meaningful way. Anything less would result in lost time and reduced revenue.

FleetWaze combines our Drag-N-Drop Dispatch with Real-Time Order Tracking in a single Dashboard. Monitor order details, track assets and get instant access to shipping papers all from a single screen.


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Why choose FleetWaze?

With our combined 30+ years of Transportation, Supply Chain and Operations industry knowledge, coupled with our penchant for process improvement, we created a Cloud Hosted, Web Based and Mobile platform to bridge the “technology gap”. Our solution is affordable to all companies, regardless of size, all can benefit from our technology advances as they happen. In practical terms, FleetWaze brings powerful supply chain and logistics Applications to companies with 1 truck to 10,000.

FleetWaze comes at a fraction of the cost of our competitors and can be up and running in as soon as 1 day. We are breaking down the technology barriers that have, for too long, limited the effectiveness of our clients. What this provides to our customers is higher net income, higher customer satisfaction and the ability to grow without fear of outgrowing the software platform they have chosen.

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