We offer the best in Custom Dashboards

Our team is leading the way by developing the first Dynamic Templating Dashboard .... Here's some of the features that dramatically improve our client's daily operations.
  • Our dashboards tell you at a glance what you need to know and get done. Our Dynamic Templating capabilities make building dashboards to your specific requirements easy.
  • We built our Platforms to do the administrative work for your teams so they can concentrate on driving profitable growth. Let us show you how schedule a demo today.
  • Our new technology gives you every tool you need to collect the right data and get instant access to that data so you can run your business.


Tailored to your specific business needs ...

Dashboards need to quickly tell you what you need to accomplish. Our Dynamic Templating capabilities make building dashboards to your requirements fast and specific to your business needs. Other software providers assume all businesses need the same information where we understand every business is unique. Take control with FleetWaze and build it your way.

We understand companies have different requirements and demands for data. Our years of experience in the trucking industry helps us provide the versatility our clients want. Our dashboards are tailored to meet the needs of our varied clients resulting in less time doing paperwork, more accurate orders, and fewer errors that cause delayed payments.


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Why choose FleetWaze?

With our combined 30+ years of Transportation, Supply Chain and Operations industry knowledge, coupled with our penchant for process improvement, we created a Cloud Hosted, Web Based and Mobile platform to bridge the “technology gap”. Our solution is affordable to all companies, regardless of size, all can benefit from our technology advances as they happen. In practical terms, FleetWaze brings powerful supply chain and logistics Applications to companies with 1 truck to 10,000.

FleetWaze comes at a fraction of the cost of our competitors and can be up and running in as soon as 1 day. We are breaking down the technology barriers that have, for too long, limited the effectiveness of our clients. What this provides to our customers is higher net income, higher customer satisfaction and the ability to grow without fear of outgrowing the software platform they have chosen.

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